Epoxy Resin 100 Coats Varnish


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One coat equals up to 100 coats of varnish. Provides a high gloss finish.It is a very special high-temperature resistant product (max.130 ° C), no air bubbles forming, odor-free, can be applied on any surface (except polyethylene),no scratching. Mix two components of 100 Coats Varnish in glass jar. Stir up it 3 minutes and leave for 30 minutes in a jar so that the resin thickens a little. Pour out the varnish to trays, to jewelry formation, to moulding, etc. Dry it 24-48 houres.We would like to give you additional advice on the use of epoxy resin:
If is hot in your room, for example the temperature is more than 22 C, the resin may dry irregular. So after mixing the two components of the resin, leave the resin in the jar for half an hour and sometimes mix it, then you can apply resin onto the surface.