Mixed media tutorial - DIY. Art Mixed Media gilding with skeleton leaves.


• Canvas LiT30, Acrylic paint C2002, Spray adhesive CAD9721, Stencils K258, K256, Glue for metal leaves Mixion, Gilding foil CAD202G, CAD204G, Varnish C400G or KE08M, Media ink 21015, 21020, 25708, Shiny Gel Paste 706943 or 4200, Skeleton leaves C172, Metallic Wax paste KD13.

Copper Patina Effect. How to make wall clock tutorial - DIY. Craft Unique wall clock.


• Clock bases big067,KF001; Clock movement ZKZ04, Clock hands ZKZ08, stencil K165, acrylic paints C0120, 0C111, C7550, c9042, C0253; Metallic wax paste KD14,Primer paste Gesso 20761, Set of reagents Copper Patina effect 26157,Powder Patina efekt 26143, dome clear FKBL208,dome clear FKBL206, Super glue 19831.

Mixed media / decoupage tutorial for beginners - DIY.


• Canvas KTL12G, pastes 704444,K3TR02G,DR-02; rice papers 5240, DFS200;glue CPLUS or CPLUS1, varnish KADL1, colors Mix media 25692, 25708, 25717; stencil SAB18,Skeleton Leaves C172. Antiquing paint-patina White 0C309, Clear stamp ST1048, Fast drying ink StazOn Jet" sz-mid-31, brush CA986,5934/1, sponges CA904, spatula KT14.

How to decorate a wooden bracelet with texture paste and stencil.


• Wooden bracelet KL59, Spray adhesive for stencil CAD9721, stencil K232, Waterbased varnish 0CMAT or CGLOSS, TEXTURE RELIEF PASTE 704444, Acrylic paints C0120,C7575,0C115, 0C118, C0253, C2065, C5050,Blending Gel 2471, Metallic Wax paste KD13, Glue for deco christal beads CGLUE3, Ear rings round cup FJGM154-O, Rezin cabochon FPMI879-02 and FPMI879-03.

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